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A law firm built on passion and commitment

Working together, we are improving our communities

Our passion for improving communities gives us purpose and guides our choices. We focus our efforts on affordable housing and community development, integral components of a strong community. In collaboration with our clients, we help strengthen communities and that helps make the world better for all of us.  Our commitment and legal expertise enables our clients to effectively navigate the complexities of the affordable housing and community development industries, so projects close and get built, as quickly as possible.

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Committed to Long-term Client Relationships

We know that earning and maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients is what has allowed us to grow and be successful. That’s why we are committed to:

  • Delivering legal services of the highest quality in a timely, accurate, responsive and courteous manner
  • Being pragmatic, by understanding the objectives of our clients
  • Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity
  • Selecting and retaining legal professionals who are passionate about helping improve our communities and have chosen to focus on this area of law

My colleagues and I have the knowledge and the expertise to practice anywhere, but it’s our shared vision and passion to create better communities that makes this a special place.

Committed to Affordable Housing & Community Development

We were founded on the belief that healthy communities play a key role in providing economic opportunities for all residents. Our attorneys have a passion for helping our clients reclaim and re-invigorate neighborhoods and cities. We represent developers, tax credit syndicators, investors, lenders, tax-exempt community development organizations and public housing authorities.

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