The Jessie Ball duPont Center

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Project Description & Impact: The Center serves as a gathering place for philanthropy and nonprofits, housing 20 nonprofit organizations.

Client: Jessie Ball duPont Fund (QALICB)

Financing Tools Used: New Markets Tax Credit financing


The Story Behind this Project:

The Jessie Ball duPont Center was envisioned and developed by a private foundation. The Center houses 20 nonprofit organizations using a shared space concept for boardrooms, kitchens, and meeting space. It features a conference center, a learning center, and a production studio, and has become a downtown community center. It was designed with energy and water conservation in mind. The Center recycles rainwater to water its three garden areas, one of which is a playable green roof, employs LED lighting throughout the facility, filters all drinking water, and utilizes solar panels to heat water.